ANDANTE ANN WOLFF/ toyama glass art museum, japan

a retrospective exhibition of 53 works of Ann took place in Toyama 22 july – 4 november 2017.
The exhibition shows works of glass, metal and drawings from 1971–2016.
A catalogue is available.
25.693 visitors were joining the event.

TRAPS/fabriken furillen


TRAPS 12 june - 30 july 2015 Ann Wolff shows new work in aluminum and glass at fabriken furillen. The new works are inspired by the industrial left over buildings on Furillen, a small island opposite the Wolff studio on Gotland. Together with this project Andreas Forsbergs large work for Drotten will be shown in an exciting new environnement.


PERSONA/exhibition at alexander tutsek stiftung, münchen


Ann Wolff with Eva Maria Fahrner Tutsek, Erwin Eisch, Serge Lechaczynski.


The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung shows the exhibition Ann Wolff, PERSONA,
17 October 2014 – 14 August 2015.
This serie of exhibitions introduces outstanding artists who use glass as a medium for artistic expression in their work.
A catalog is published with the exhibition.


PERSONA/ international exhibition at the medieval church ruin, visby