For several years Ann Wolff has been searching for a public space for the Foundation's collection on the island of Gotland.
The first idea to build a museum in Almedalen, Visby, could not be realized, but this summer Ann Wolff returns along with other internationally known artists to the Drottens Church ruin.
The Ann Wolff Foundation, AWF will be renting the Drottens ruin in Visby for the next five summers.

The first, opening June 15th 2014, four women and one man will gather for the exhibition.
They will mirror the intentions of the foundation through installations, large-scale sculptures, photography and architecture.

December 2013, centerfold from the local Gotland newspaper: "She has found
her arena for the arts. Ann Wolff creates an international art arena in the Drotten ruin."

Besides Ann Wolff's glass sculptures, there will be works by Czech artist and art professor Magdalena Jetelova, now based in Munich, who has exhibited her architectural installations in Prague, London and New York.

The Swedish architect and artist Andreas Forsberg known on the Island through his project Studio Furillen, the Finnish artist Tuija Lindström, professor of photography in Sweden, will also be of the group as well as Maria Miesenberger who last summer, at the gallery Kännungs in Hellvi showed works she created through a scholarship from the Ann Wolff Foundation will return this year to the exhibit in Drottens church ruin.

I am at home on Gotland, says Ann Wolff, although I have worked as well in Berlin for many years and the foundation is based there.
Both the foundation and I have been seeking a solution to bring high quality art to the island and this solution seems the very best.
After a successful show in Visby Cathedral Ann Wolff thinks it inspiring and important to bring exciting art events to Gotland. The entire project, which may continue if everything works well, was presented by Ann Wolff and Chair of the Foundation, Kurt Ernst Wassmuth, and project manager Ulf Larsson. Ulf Larsson said however that a major responsibility will rest on the architect Andreas Forsberg, who along with the exhibition's curators will create this international arena for contemporary art.

---We believe it will be an exciting encounter between contemporary art and the medieval walls of the Drottens church ruin, says Ulf Larsson.
The exhibition will run from 15th June to the end of September and will be supported from the Foundation's own resources as well as through partners and sponsors.

--- Art in Visby's ruins has always aroused interest, and we've noticed that it's easier in the summertime to attract the public to the ruins than to the Museum, said Lars Sjösvärd the Museum director, as he welcomed the project.
Maria Miesenberger, who together with Magdalena were on hand when the exhibition plans were unveiled, thinks that the whole project is exhilarating.

--- I will be showing a series of sculptures in stainless steel, "Pacific Motion", and it will be enriching to see them with the other artists' works. We will all join together in the exhibition which will be marked by mutual respect, new energy and fresh ideas, she says.

Chosen parts translated from the original text by Bengt Valentinsson, Gotlands Tidningar -------

December 2013, centerfold from the local Gotland newspaper: "She has found
her arena for the arts. Ann Wolff creates an international art arena in the Drotten ruin."